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About Marika


Marika was born and raised in Romania and has always had a passion for looking and feeling her best and helping others achieve the same.  


She began her skin-care training in her home country, studying the European style of anti-aging skin-care treatments designed to give facelift-like results. She expanded her beauty expertise to include hair care after moving to the states in the early 90s.


After working in several Seattle-area salons, she moved to the Sammamish Plateau with her family and decided to go into business for herself. Accents European opened its doors ten years ago and Marika quickly developed a devoted clientele drawn by her talent, friendliness and good value. Marika’s clients enjoy the warm and cozy surroundings in her salon, a place she designed herself.  


Marika takes pride in giving her full personal attention to each client. She carefully and skillfully takes into account each client’s lifestyle and face shape and strives to provide easy-care styles that are easy to re-create at home.


In addition to hair and skin, Marika has a passion for natural health and nutrition, which directs her choice of the hair and skin products she uses. Having her own salon, Marika is very selective of her products. She often chooses not to stock full lines, but instead, only the best products of multiple lines.   


Another of Marika’s passions is Reiki, an ancient self-healing technique to help balance, bring energy and harmony to the body. Marika received her Reiki training from the Northwest Reiki Center and uses this non-invasive technique during hair and skin treatments.


When she’s not in her salon, Marika enjoys yoga, walking, spending time with her granddaughter and learning about health and nutrition.